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Trolls Biker World home of Troll's Teddy Bear Run a biker runs for the kids

Join your Biker community and help the kids with some Teddy Bears!

What is Troll's Biker World about?

It is the home of Troll's Teddy Bear Run which is held on the first Saturday in December.

Starting in 2016, I hosted the first Troll's Teddy Bear Run and collected over 300 Teddy Bears and stuffed animals for the Mesa Family Advocacy Center along with the Mesa Police and First Responders

The Teddy Bears are given to the children when Police Officers and First Responders find children that have been involved in a traumatic situation and are in need of something to help them calm down and get through it.

The Mesa Family Advocacy Center is where children and their Mothers are taken to make sure that they are safe after something bad happens until they can get things straighten out. 

These kids are the ones that need the Teddy Bears the most because they usually have had to leave everything behind when they end up there. 

They really need something nice to hold onto at night.

Get Involved!

We need to as many Teddy Bears as possible this year if we are going to beat the 782 Teddy Bears and stuffed animals that received last year. 

We are always looking for additional sponsors along with volunteers to help us make our vision a reality. 

If you would like to help sponsor it or to volunteer just email us at 


And we will get back to you shortly with ways to help out

Your assistance is truly appreciated

Thank You

We couldn't accomplish our goal of collecting enough Teddy Bears without the help of supporters like you. Thank you for your time and donations that makes this possible!