Troll at the Roadhouse

Who is the Troll?

For those of you that don't already know me.   My name is Greg Hughes AKA Troll or The Troll which is a nickname that I was given by a dear brother of mine many years ago.  I will share the story over a cocktail for those of you that want to know where it came from.

This website is an extension of my lifestyle - Bikes - Bike Runs - Biker related Events - Biker Friendly Business's - Biker Related Business's and of course Biker Babes

I have a soft spot for the Harley-Davidson motorcycles and the lifestyle that goes with them should you decide to participate. Everything from the most innocent Harley Owners Group chapters to the hard core one percenters and everything in between.

No matter where you land, there is a brotherhood among us all, it doesn't rmatter if you are riding a Metric or American made iron, you are still in the wind and that is only something that can be understood by those of us that live it.

Originally from the Pacific NW where sunshine is the exception, not the rule, my brothers and I still managed to get in a lot of riding in even though we usually got very wet at one point of the ride or another. Moving down here where sunshine is the rule, I haven't owned a car since. Gotta love it here.

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If you know of an event, a ride or a great biker friendly business, please email me the information and I'll get it up here asap.

Keep it under a 100 and try to keep the rubber side down.